Birdsville – 9th to 11th July

We set off  from Betoota along the Birdsville Development Road.

Desert outside BirdsvilleThrough lots of stony desert.

Bitumen Road Outside Birdsville

And sometimes the road was good, but mostly it was like the desert, pretty rough and rutted.

Remains of my Trailer Mate and Jockey Clamp

My Trailer-Mate Jack support bungee broke along there and ploughed a significant proportion of the road.  Thought it was my hitch doing the ploughing as the bottom of the jack was hidden under the stone guard.  Didn’t spot it until we went to drop the van off at the Birdsville CP.  One rather bent jack and jockey-wheel clamp. (Replaced at Mt. Isa)

Birdsville Roadhouse

We had some more excitement on this leg.  I’d slightly underestimated the distance from Innamincka to Birdsville and after adding the 5 litres left in my generator can, the 5 litres in Terry’s generator can, the 3 litres from Rob’s  chainsaw can and the cup of fuel from my chainsaw, we pulled up next to the pumps at the Birdsville Roadhouse and the motor died.  Tanks totally empty.  Biggest fill I’ve ever done.

Camped at Birdsville

It was pretty busy as the Big Red Bash was on with a large contingent of entertainers performing out at the Big Red Sand Dune.  The caravan park was very crowded and we managed to get our three vans in a sort of “U” across 2 sites.  Very cosy.

Birdsville Bakery

Had pies from the famous Birdville Bakery for lunch

Birdsville Dinner First Night

It was pretty cold out there, cold winds blowing in but we bundled up and braved the elements for our normal communal dinner that night.


Birdsville Hotel Colour

The Birdsville Hotel was an interesting spot.

Sitting Outside the Birdsville Pub

Nice seats to sit on and watch the passing parade.

Bar fo the Birdsville Pub

And a typical outback bar for this part of the world, full of hats stuck to the ceiling and a variety of outback paraphenalia.  Beer was pretty expensive, but on the plus side I discovered Cooper’s Pale Ale.  Great stuff, now my tipple of choice. We ate in the hotel one night.  Not your typical outback tucker.

Birdsville Terry Cooking Fryup for dinnerOther nights we stayed back at camp and cooked up excellent meals between us.  Fry-ups, pizzas. We’re all eating too much.

Toured around town, not a great deal to see.

Old Birdville Hospital

The old hospital.

Typical Vehicle after a few k on Birdsville Track

An example of what typically happens to a vehicle transiting the roads to Birdsville.

Ruins of Royal Hotel BirdsvilleThe ruins of the Royal Hotel.

Birdsville BoreAnd the bore that provides the town water.

Us at the Top of Big Red

No visit to Birdsville is complete without climbing “Big Red”  the highest sand dune in the Simpson Desert.

View from Big Red

There’s quite a view from the top.

Cruiser at the Top of Big Red

Of course I had to drive the cruiser up to the top.

Coco Mooching Food from Rob

Back at camp, Coco continued here mooching rounds of the caravans.  Here she is mooching for sausages at Rob’s caravan.

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