Kununurra – 30th July – 6th August

We leave Katherine and head west.

Victoria River RoadHouseFirst stop is Victoria River Roadhouse where I had a very tasty Buffalo Burger for lunch.

Big Horse CampgroundPushing on we camped overnight at the Big Horse Campground on the Victoria River west of Timber Creek.

Victoria River Sunset

There was a great sunset across the Victoria River

Big Horse Camp Stew

Followed by a great camp oven stew, to get rid of all the vegetables before we hit the quarantine checkpoint into WA.

WA Border Crossing and Quarantine

The WA border and the quarantine checkpoint.

Kununurra Hidden Valley

We arrived in Kununurra and checked into the Hidden Valley Caravan Park. Its surrounded by sandstone crags and the sites are spacious and grassy. Facilities are basic but a very picturesque park to stayKimberley Flight PlaneWe took a flight over Lake Argyle, the Bungle Bungles, the Argyle Diamond Mine and the Cockburn Ranges.  It was by Kingfisher Tours and our pilot, Scott, provided a wealth of information about the area we flew over.

Kimberley Flight Lake Argyle A Lake Argyle was a wide expanse of blue in the red landscape.

Kimberley Flight Lake Argyle B

There were a large number of islands and rocky outcrops.Kimberley Flight Lake Argyle C

The size is astonishing.
Kimberley Flight Lake Argyle D

It was like flying over a sea.

Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles A

The Bungle Bungles appeared below.

Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles B

We’ve been there a few years ago on the ground but from the air you can really appreciate the vast expanse of them.

Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles COur plane flew a slow “S” across the sandstone domes.

Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles D


The range was laced with narrow canyons, that appeared as little more than cracks in the rock,Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles E

to vast canyons with what appeared to be river beds in the base.  It would be a spectacular view during the “wet”.

Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles F

More canyons.

Kimberley Flight Bungle Bungles G

And even more.

Kimberley Flight Argyle Diamond Mine A

We flew north over the Argyle diamond mine.

Kimberley Flight Argyle Diamond Mine B

It’s no longer “open cut”. The mine is now underground chasing the diamond bearing dirt very deep down.

Kimberley Flight Argyle Diamond Mine D

The geologists calculate it will list until around 2021.

Kimberley Flight Cockburn Range A

We flew over the Cockburn Ranges

Kimberley Flight Cockburn Range B

Which appeared quite green.

Kimberley Flight El Questro

We got a god look at the exclusive El Questro homestead

Kimberley Flight WyndhamFlew over the mudflats outside Wyndham

Kimberley Flight Ivanhoe Crossing

Overflew Ivanhoe Crossing on the Ord River

Kimberley Flight Kununurra

Had a good look at the vast farms irrigated by the water form Lake Argyle

Kumberley Flight Airport

And then landed back at the Kununurra Airport.

Kununurra Hoochery A

No visit to Kununurra is complete without a visit to the Hoochery.

Kununurra Hoochery BWe sampled their range of various proof rums.  Unfortunately I was the designated driver and could only partake sparingly.

Kununurra Ivanhoe Crossing

The following day we took a trip out to Wyndham on the dirt road. We stopped to look at Ivanhoe Crossing on the North side.  Unfortunately, the council have blocked the crossing with huge boulders so you no longer have the fun of driving across the causeway.  This picture shows just part of the crossing, there is about another 75% past the rocks.

Kununurra Crocodile on the OrdWe stopped at eh Mambi Island boat ramp and spotted our first wild “saltie” of the trip.  Big bugger, at least 4 metres long.

Kununurra Marigu Billabong AThe Marigu Billabong is a haven for birds.  We saw quite a variety including a few brolgas.

Kununurra Marigu Billabong B

A short way down from the bird hide an egret was standing on the back of a croc.  It flew off and stood in front of it by the time I managed to snap a pic.  Probably end up as dinner for the croc.


A feast of barramundi at the Wyndham Town Hotel was next on the agenda.  Very tasty.



The port area is pretty sleepy.


And the port area itself is not too inviting being at the confluence of 5 croc infested rivers.  The tide was ebbing while we were there and the current was pretty vicious.


The view from the lookout was spectacular.

Kununurra Rodeo A

The Kununurra Rodeo was on.  We got there early and set up next to the ring.

Kununurra Rodeo B

They ran out the bulls and raised a lot of dust.

Kununurra Rodeo C

The ladies showed vast skills in the barrel races

Kununurra Rodeo D

And the stockmen got bounced around on the bucking horses.  Unfortunately the rodeo was held late in the afternoon and evening and the light was too low to get images of the bull rides.

Kununurra New Akubra

But I did get a chance to wear my new Akubra.Lake Argyle AThe weather was great for a cruise on Lake Argyle.

Lake Argyle B

The Management were having a great time.

Lake Argyle DWe all got to be helmsmen.

Lake Argyle F

The lake is immense, there are places were you cannot see the other side.

Lake Argyle E

On little island was inhabited by a family of rock wallabies, tiny little creatures.

Lake Argyle G

There are a huge number of fresh water crocodiles in the lake.

Lake Argyle H

We stopped for lunch and a swim on a little island.  The water was around 24C.

Lake Argyle I

We climbed back on our cruise boat.

Lake Argyle J

On the way back we passed a small rock outcrop in the lake, the nesting place of a Jabiru, naturally called Jabiru Rock.  It contains he nest of a pair of Jabirus, who mate for life. Tragically the female didn’t return a couple of years ago and the male has been forlornly waiting for her.  Apparently he’s now showing interest in another female.

Lake Argyle K

We returned past the relatively tiny dam wall and took the bus down to the other side.

Lake Argyle L

It looks somewhat bigger from this angle.Lake Argyle MAnd the exhaust from the hydro turbines made quite a splash.

Kununurra Stone Stomper A

My Stone Stomper took quite a beating up some of the rough roads earlier in the trip so we decided to spend the day repairing it.

Kununurra Stone Stomper A2

A lot of the damage was caused by barbed wire and other detritus dredged up from the roads by the low hanging curtain.

Kununurra Stone Stomper B

A few metres of shade cloth, some glue, some clamps and some heavy cord saw it returned to a serviceable state.

Kununurra Stone Stomper C

Ready for the next stage of the trek down the Gibb River Road.



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  1. Julie says:

    Really terrific photos Rob. You must all be having a fabulous time.

  2. Alby says:

    Great stuff Rob, making me want to do the trip again next year.

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