Katherine – 24th to 29th July

Arrived in Katherine

Katherine Riverview Caravan Park

And checked into the Riverside Caravan Park.  Nice sites, shaded in the morning.  It’s getting pretty hot here.  Lots of shopping to stock up for the next stage.


Edith Falls Trekking up the escarpment

Next day, Rob led the troops on a spirited climb up the escarpment at Edith Falls.

Edith Falls Top Pools

The climb was worth it.  A swim in the pool was very refreshing.

Edith Falls Waterfall

Especially under the falls.

Edith Falls Old People

Rob had some difficulty negotiating the rocky shore but was ably assisted by Rose.

Edith Falls Lookout

The round trip return walk had some excellent lookouts.

Cutta Cutta Caves B

Cutta Cutta Caves just south of Katherine is worth a visit.

Cutta Cutta Caves Tight Squeeze

Though it can be squeeze in spots.

Katherine Gorge Bats

The bats had moved from Mataranka, obviously they’ve taken up residence at Katherine Gorge.  Very smelly.

Katherine Gorge River

We did the two gorge tour along the Katherine River.

Katherine Gorge End of First Gorge

Lots of spectacular scenery.


The second gorge.

Katherine Gorge Jeddas Leap

And Jedda’s Leap (from the 50’s film Jedda – must see if I can find it on-line)

Katherine Gorge Great Billed Heron

Lots of wild life including a relatively scarce Great Billed Heron

Katherine Gorge Freshie

And a not so scare Fresh Water Crocodile.

Katherine Hot Springs

The hot springs at the back of the Caravan Park are a great place to relax.

Katherine The Ghan

The Ghan was in today, so we went up to the station for a look.  It was a little late because the rail south of Alice is blocked from an earlier derailment.  The supermarkets are starting to run out of some items as they’re normally brought up by train from Adelaide.

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2 Responses to Katherine – 24th to 29th July

  1. Mavis and Ed says:

    yes we liked cutta cutta too

  2. Jenny and Russell Doueal says:

    Hi Guys,
    WE are friends of Faye Close . We have been following your adventures and are very jealous. WE hope to do something similar in the future. We are sooooo impressed with your photos and are keen to see more. Keep enjoying yourself!
    Jenny and Russell Doueal

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