Heading South – Derby to Barn Hill

Gibb River Road 104 We’ve finished our adventure travelling down the Gibb River Road and we’re back on the Blacktop at Derby.


Derby 01Set up camp at the Derby Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park. Not a bad spot, plenty of room.
Derby 02 And a delightful albino Peacock wandering around.
Derby 03We visited the wharf for an excellent dinner at the Wharf Cafe
Derby 04And watched a magnificent sunset.
Derby 05The Prison Boab Tree is a must see
Derby 06As is the historic cattle water trough.
Broome 01We stayed a few days to clean up and rest after the rigours of the Gibb River Road. Our travelling companions also flew out to the Horizontal Falls. (We did that on our last visit.) Then set off again on the blacktop through the numerous fires towards Broome.
Broome 02Because we have a dog we’re restricted to where we can stay in Broome. So we settled into the grounds of the PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club) just off Roebuck Bay. Not a bad spot and actually somewhat cheaper than the Broome Caravan Parks, but you must have a pet to stay there.
Broome 03Our ten year old washing machine had developed a fault on the trip so we purchased a new one and The Management spent the day installing it. It works vey well.
Broome 05Lots of excellent scenery around the lighthouse
Broome 04And vividly coloured rocks and turquoise water.
Broome 06It’s an old pearling town and I though I’d try my hand at the original diving suits.
Broome 07Cable beach is a great place to walk along when the tide is out.
Broome 07aWe took a camel ride along the beach. They have a rather abrupt way of getting to their feet.
Broome 08We safely mounted
Broome 09And set off as part of a caravan into the sunset.
Broome 11The usual spectacular sunset ensued.
Broome 12And we fed our camel a carrot as a reward at the end.
Broome 15We had planned to take our vans up to Cape Leveque, but dogs were banned up there so we took a day trip up with Chomley Tours.
Broome 14Much of the road is made, but there is a substantial section that is still corrugated sand, some of it pretty rough.
Broome 17We stopped at Beagle Bay for morning tea and a visit to the historic old church.
Broome 18With the pearl shell altar.
Broome 19It’s been restored and seemed in quite good order but suffers from rising damp.
Broome 20We got back in the troopie and now on the blacktop headed up to Bardi.Broome 21The tides racing past One Arm Point are spectacular.
Broome 22We visited the old Trochus Hatchery that, with the collapse of the Trochus Shell market, is now a tropical fish aquarium.
Broome 23The next stop was the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm were we had an excellent lunch.
Broome 24And I undertook the Ice Bucket Challenge
Broome 25Followed by a tour of the facility.
Broome 26And a tour of the showroom. No pearls were purchased on this visit.
Broome 28We then journeyed round the north beach at Cape Leveque
Broome 27And had a welcome swim.
Broome 29Before heading back to the west beach for the obligatory sunset.

Barn Hill Station

Barn Hill 01Barn Hill Station, south of Broome is our next stop. We’re staying here a week.
Barn Hill 03It’s a fabulous location, we’re camped on a cliff top
Barn Hill 04Overlooking the beach.
Barn Hill 12With whales often frolicking just off shore.
Barn Hill 06The ablution block is clean and airy, there’s no roof.
Barn Hill 05The ice creams are great.
Barn Hill 07The beaches are wide and sandy
Barn Hill 08With lots of interesting rock formations
Barn Hill 09But sadly, not much in the way of fish, though we’ve tried every day.
Barn Hill 10Coco is enjoying the beach and has made a few friends.

3 Responses to Heading South – Derby to Barn Hill

  1. Reg Parker says:

    Good to see another “Red Dog” up that way Rob.
    Safe travels to all.
    Will catch up at Lucindale
    Reg and Ruth

  2. Ege & Ruth snook says:

    Very impressive shots, enjoy your journey

  3. Jenny and Russell Doueal says:

    We just missed you buy one day in Broome. you did the camel rides the night before us. Wasn’t it a beautiful (if not expensive ) part of the country?

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