Broken Hill

Last couple of days in Broken Hill have been bitterly cold and windy.




Yesterday lazed around the town and had crowded happy hour in the van.  Too cold to be outside.

Today we headed out to Silverton.


Pulled up at the iconic Silverton Hotel, location for a number of movies under a variety of names.

DSC_0462The boys enjoyed a convivial breakfast ale in the bar before heading up the road for an excellent lunch at the local cafe.


After lunch we spent some time touring the extensive museum at the local gaol.DSC_0486

And the girls obtained some welcome relief.


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2 Responses to Broken Hill

  1. Mavis and Ed says:

    thought it might be a bit warmer in the day up there, maybe we shouldn’t head there end of July.

  2. Tom Smith says:

    I like the colour coordination Judy

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