Broken Hill to Birdsville

Broken Hill to Milparinka 30th June 2014

We left Broken Hill early Monday and headed north on the Silver City Highway.

Silver City HighwayWe soon hit the dirt, but it was generally smooth and comfortable to travel on.

Parked at Packsaddle

We arrived at the Packsaddle Roadhouse around lunchtime

Packsaddle Hotel Bar

And had a huge hamburger in the colourful bar.

Circle the Wagons

Arrived at Milparinka and circled the wagons.

Happy Hour in the Desert

Then settled down for a happy hour in the desert evening.

Milparinka to Cameron Corner 1st July 2014


Some magnificent wedge-tailed eagles enjoying the fresh food along the way.  Not much road-kill in evidence yet.  Must have been good rains in the area.


First stop is Tibbooburra for a tank fill and a bite of lunch and then off onto the rougher stuff toward Cameron Corner.

Dry Lake Bed Tibbooburra to Cameron orner

We pulled up on a dry lake bed for some afternoon tea.

The gang on the Dry lake Bed

And snapped a picture of three of the four vans in the team.

Crossing into SA

We crossed the gate in the Dog Fence at Cameron Corner from NSW to SA.

Cameron Corner Store

Then back into Queensland to the Cameron Corner Store.

Coco Straddling Three States

Coco was not to sure of standing on the post but she persevered and straddled three states, NSW, SA and QLD.

Jude and I at Cameron Corner

We only straddled two states.

Cameron Corner Store Bar

We had a drink in the standard outback colourful bar.

The Dog Fence at Cameron Corner

Collected some firewood along the dog fence, a 5600km fence to keep dingoes and wild dogs from getting to the other side.  I’m not sure which is the other side.

The Outback Flies

The flies were pretty bad and fly nets were de rigueur.  I think this mob were trying to spell out a message on Ray’s back.

Cameron Corner to Innamincka Attempt 1 – 1st July 2014

Cattle Drive

After lunch we set off again bound for Innamincka.  We were slowed down by a large drive of cattle crossing the road at Bollards Lagoon.  As you can see there were a few corrugations on the road.

Waiting for the Team

About 26Km west of Cameron Corner we lost track of the team.  Got a call on the radio that Rob (Rob Farrington) had a jammed brake back down the track and had pulled off the road.  We turned round and headed back.

Locked Wheel

The locked wheel left quite a furrow on the road and the roadside before Rob pulled up.

Damn Bearing Seized

The van was jacked up and the hub removed to reveal a minor disaster.  A wheel bearing had overheated and seized, welding itself to the stub axle and the hub.  The hub and wheel was replaced and we limped back very slowly to Cameron Corner to complete repairs.

Cameron Corner 1st July to 4th July

Cameron Corner Grinding off the old bearing

We settled back into Cameron Corner and ground the failed bearing from the stub axle.  Local mechanic didn’t have any of the correct size so replacements were ordered from Broken Hill.  They were scheduled to arrive on the 4th July.

Cameron Corner Happy Hour

We made the best of the situation and happy houred round the camp fire every night.

Cameron Corner Sunset

And enjoyed the outback sunsets.

Cameron Corner Nice Cigar

The crystal clear skies made for a perfect night for enjoying a cigar, a Romeo and Juliet Commemorative Edition  Churchill, courtesy of a Qatari prince, accompanied by an excellent 2007 Maurice O’Shea Shiraz courtesy of my mate, Steve Shipley.

Cameron Corner fixing the bearing

Finally the new bearings arrived and were fitted. Lots of grinding and sanding and bashing involved before we had finished the repairs.

Cameron Corner Dinner

Friday night we had dinner in the Cameron Corner Store.

Cameron Corner Crew

And farewelled the crew at the Cameron Corner Store.

Cameron Corner to Innamincka Attempt 2 – 5th July 2014

Rays Brake Problem

A short way down the track we stopped to check undercarriage on Rob’s van.  His was OK but Ray’s was showing one wheel very hot.

Broken Brake Magnet

A quick wheel and drum removal revealed a brake magnet had dropped off .  This was disconnected and wheel replaced before setting off again across the 139 sand dunes between Cameron Corner and Innamincka.

Over Dune Beef

A few beef started appearing over the dunes, but it was too early for a BBQ.

Old Strezlecki Track

Turning right onto the Old Strezlecki Track.  We were told it was better than the new one through Moomba. And it wasn’t too bad.

Oil Pump

A few oil pumps along the way.

Odd Skeleton

And a strange skeleton beside the track.  Probably a southern Min Min.

Innamincka Trading Post

Arrived at Innamincka.

Innamincka Pub Bar

And it was Terry’s shout at the pub.  $38 for four beers.  He’s still complaining about it.

Happy Hour Beside Cooper Creek

We set up camp on the banks of the Cooper Creek at the Innamincka Town Common.  Great spot, plenty of room and $5 per van.

Dinner Beside Cooper Creek

A chilly night but the excellent BBQ meal and the wine fended off the cold.

Innaminka TownshipView of Innamincka from the rubbish tip.

The Masters and The Apprentice

The two masters and the apprentice.  Take your pick.

Burkes Grave

Visited Burke’s Grave just out of Innamincka.

Dig Tree Camping Area

Then went out to the Dig Tree and set up camp for a couple of days.

Ray Nets a fish at Dig Tree

Ray went fishing and caught one. Unfortunately not quite big enough for all of us.

The Dig Tree

The Dig Tree, quite poignant.

Fishing Futility at the Dig Tree

I tried a bit of fishing.  Quite futile actually.

Good Gravel Road on the Arrabury Track

Headed off up the Arrubury Track towards Birdsville.  Not bad conditions, recently graded and stretches of bitumen over the steep bits.

End of the Arrabury Track

The vanishing horizons at the end of the Arrubury Track, we turn right and head for Birdsville.

Betoota Abandoned Pub

We camped opposite the abandoned Beetoota Hotel.  Great camp spot, toilets, shelter, fire pits and visitations by the ghost of the publican.

Betoota Campfire

Had a great campfire dinner that night.

Rock MuralAnd in the morning headed off past some very modern rock art to Birdsville.


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  1. Julie says:

    Really looking forward to reading all about it. Love to everyone.

  2. Mavis and Ed says:

    Great Photos

  3. Julie says:

    Fabulous photos. Really enjoying travelling along with you but you can keep the flies.

  4. Mike Cohen says:

    Great pics guys, thanks for reminding me of home.

  5. Gavi Hardy says:

    Geez I wish I was retired what a wonderful trip and beaut photos

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